Green RWC Turtle Shirt

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Green RWC Turtle Shirt

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You’ll want to snap some pics in this shirt supporting RVA Wildlife.

Sometimes dogs and cats must be muzzled when visiting the veterinarian to protect staff as they care for them. When Snapping Turtles come in, we muzzle them as well. Offering a dark hiding spot and protecting us at the same time, a toilet plunger makes a great Snapping Turtle muzzle!

  • Gildan® Ultra Cotton® Adult T-Shirt

  • Classic Fit

  • 100% Cotton

Did you know?
If you see a turtle crossing the road, stop to help it by assisting it across the road in the direction it is heading. Never relocate a turtle, they will not survive outside of their home range. Introducing a new turtle into an existing population could wipe out an entire turtle population.

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