Adopt an Animal

As a nonprofit veterinary facility, our organization will accept and provide veterinary care to non-native, exotic companion animals who find themselves injured, abandoned and/or feral in the wild. After nursing such animals back to health these animals are then placed for adoption to loving forever homes or relocated to an appropriate facility based on species requirements and current state laws.

Animal Services of Richmond, doing business as the Richmond Wildlife Center, was not organized for the purposes of rescue and fostering of canine and feline companion animals or for the purposes of owner relinquishment of any companion animal. At this time, our resources for non-native, exotic companion animal species are limited. We appreciate your understanding of our admission limitations.

Below are a list of animals currently available for adoption. Please consider adopting one of these animals in search of a loving forever family.

Animals for adoption

There are no animals available for adoption at this time.

Animals adopted


Adopted October 2013


Adopted October 2013


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Adopted October 2013

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Adopted September 2014

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