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Please note

Please call in advance of transporting sick or injured wildlife. 804-378-2000. We only accept animals by appointment only.

Calling in advance to coordinate a drop-off time allows us to prepare for the emergency treatment of your rescued wild animal. In addition, there are times we may be on a release of a patient, responding to a field rescue, conducting an offsite education program, or attending to patients in our outdoor caging. Please be sure to call to coordinate with our staff before transporting an animal to our center.

We do not accept walk-ins. Please call to schedule a time with one of our team members to assist you with your rescued sick or injured wild animal.

We are not affiliated with our downstairs neighbor, Winterfield Veterinary Hospital. Winterfield Veterinary Hospital does not accept wildlife for rehabilitation or treatment. In addition, Winterfield cannot admit patients on our behalf.

We share a lobby with our downstairs neighbors, Winterfield Veterinary Hospital. Please check in with their receptionist and let them know you have arrived for the Richmond Wildlife Center, they will notify us of your arrival and we will come down to meet you.

Our Admission Hours Vary. Please call to coordinate your arrival. If you are unable to reach us within one hour please call DGIF at 855-571-9003.