Blue Jay

Meet Patient# 13-0033

Patient 13-0033, a Blue Jay, admitted as a Window Strike, suffering from both Clavicle and Coracoid Fractures.


Meet Patient #13-0038

Patient 13-0051, an Eastern Chipmunk,was dug up from its nest within a burrow by a dog. Its rescuer kept him for 9 days before he was admitted to us for anorexia and dehydration as a result of improper care.


Patient# - 13-0020 - 13-0032

These Mallard Ducks are learning to dabble, swim, and preen after they became orphans when their mother was hit by a car and killed. Patient #13-0026, who sustained a minor abrasion from the accident is doing very well and healing beautifully.


Meet Patient #13-0038

Patient 13-0038, a Southern Flying Squirrel, was admitted as a cat attack victim and was suffering from severe dehydration as a result of becoming an orphan due to the cat attack.

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